A culinary journey

From 1961

In the mid-1900s, Guido and Lidia Alciati invented a new type of restaurant where they began offering genuine ingredients that they personally sourced from local producers, anticipating today’s culinary and environmental sensitivities.

To 202*

The same drive for reinvention continues today at the starred restaurant, Guido da Costigliole, located in the prestigious Relais San Maurizio, a space where sixty years of culinary history can find coherent new forms of expression and presentation.

In perpetual balance

Between history

We have inherited an important tradition, that of the Alciati family. We cherish Guido’s avant-garde entrepreneurial vision and Lidia’s unparalleled culinary skills: she was the little girl from Langa who dreamed of being a ballerina and became the queen of agnolotti.

And creativity

The same drive for reinvention, while respecting the identity of place, can be found today in Andrea Alciati. The youngest of Guido and Lidia’s children, along with Monica Magnini, chef Fabio Sgrò (supervised by Andrea’s brother, Ugo Alciati), and a carefully-selected staff, currently manages this important cultural and culinary heritage.

Firmly rooted in the Langhe


Costigliole d’Asti is where everything began Guido and Lidia trained Andrea and the great culinary history of the Alciati family took shape in this place before becoming known throughout the world.

Relais San Maurizio

A lineage that we also protect through a very strong connection to the Langa Astigiana area, the inspiration behind all our dishes. Today, we enjoy its lovely, yet wild and rugged view from the splendid setting of the Relais San Maurizio, an exclusive place where you can pamper yourself.

And we are always open to the world


We offer typical Piedmontese cuisine, revisited in a modern way and internationalized by virtue of the area’s tourism, without compromising our deep respect for tradition and natural ingredients sourced mainly from the surrounding area.


Our cuisine has an important heritage, but this doesn’t mean we’re willing to deprive ourselves of the creative joy of experimentation.
On the contrary, we believe that through careful research, we can discover new culinary horizons through which to refine the sensorial journey that’s been ongoing for more than half a century.