A journey through the Langa Astigiana

From Costigliole

Our journey began in 1961 in Costigliole d’Asti, where Lidia and Guido Alciati opened their “Da Guido” restaurant.
Since then, we have always felt a very deep connection to the region. It’s the reason we chose to move here. We wanted to stay in the Langa Astigiana area, a place that felt like home.

To Santo Stefano

Since 2002, our home has been in Santo Stefano Belbo, in the exclusive Relais San Maurizio, surrounded by enchanting vineyards planted with Muscat grapes.
The rooms of our restaurant are located within the ancient cellars of the monastery where, surrounded by Langa stone walls and vaulted brick ceilings, the atmosphere conveys great warmth and exquisite charm.

Never a “rosier” sight

Terrazza Monterosa

La Terrazza Monterosa – with its view of the kitchen and the Langhe territory – is surrounded by nature which has been gently tamed by humans. Its uniquely fascinating geometry makes the flavors of the cuisine even more pleasant in summer.

At dusk, the sky fades into the warm tones of the sunset, and the view is outlined against the Alps to frame the profile of Monte Rosa, the “Pink Mountain”, in a beautiful natural setting.

It takes a village

We’ll borrow the words of one of the most famous singers of the Langa, Cesare Pavese, to define our affiliation to the region:

“A village means never being alone, to know that in the people, the plants and the earth, there’s something that belongs to you, that even when you aren’t there, it stays there waiting for you.”

The Relais

4 centuries of history

In an elegant and informal atmosphere

Steeped in history

Our restaurant is located in the former cellars of the monastery. It’s a place where you can perceive the silence practiced by the Cistercian monks who built it, and where the typical intimacy of a noble residence can be felt.
Today, this uniquely charming space is where you can enjoy the contemporary history of Piedmontese cuisine in a modern setting that continues to pay homage to the artistic avant-garde spirit with a constant infusion of inspiration.

Surround yourself with art

We strongly believe that art is the engine for a more creative, equitable and beautiful world.
This is why we love to surround ourselves with works by great contemporary artists who have since become friends, finding ability in the power of beauty to improve not only our environment, but also our cuisine and, of course, our lives.